Both Haywards featured in latest Chico's catalog

Pensacola’s first lady, An Hayward, is a well-known international model and the face of women’s fashion retailer Chico’s. Slightly less known is that the mayor himself had a brief modeling career in Miami — in fact, that’s how he and An met.

In the latest Chico’s catalog, which hit mailboxes this week, both An and Ashton Hayward were featured as part of a vacation postcard theme called “An Gets Packing.” The photos were shot on location in Panarea, Sicily, “a trip made possible by Alitalia.” According to an introduction written by An:

“My husband and I love to get away. I’m excited to share our postcards from paradise (including all the great pieces I packed). Here’s to your next adventure— wherever your journey takes you.”
An Hayward

Among the captions on “postcards” that include Mayor Hayward:

  • “First time Ashton drove the Vespa. Happy to report: no wardrobe malfunction.”
  • “My most handsome accessory.”
  • “3 km. 10 shops. 4 hours. Now that’s amore, no?”
  • “Even on vacation, we can’t resist a photo op.”
  • “Ahh… la dolce vita.”