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Springfest revival fails to meet goal

After several months of planning, the effort to return a music festival to downtown Pensacola has ended.

Local business leader Quint Studer put forward $30,000 to assess the feasibility of the event and offered a $250,000 investment in the festival if organizers could sell 3,000 $55 tickets in 30 days.

Unfortunately, at the end of the 30 day period, only 705 tickets were sold.

“While we have heard more tickets may have been sold with a secure line up, based on the financial difficulties of other area music festivals to contract acts, it would not have made sense without a sign of success. The ticket sales just do not indicate that the interest is there,” said Studer. “The exciting thing we learned is there are many great local options for music fans. There is no shortage of talent or variety with musical talent. Thanks again to the many of people who worked so hard to see if a festival made sense.”

You can read the full press release here.