ECUA town hall on expanding reclaimed water on Pensacola Beach

At 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 3, the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority will host an informational town hall meeting about the planned expansion of the reclaimed water system the utility uses at Pensacola Beach.

It is in the Santa Rosa Island Authority board room, 1 Via De Luna Drive, Pensacola Beach. Public involvement in the governmental process is an important measure of the quality of life in a community, something the Studer Community Institute is committed to improving.

ECUA says the phased project will expand the use of reclaimed water for irrigation. The system now only allows for use of reclaimed water for irrigation on a limited portion of the right of way on Via de Luna.

To expand the system and provide reclaimed water to other customers for irrigation, the ECUA needs to construct a storage tank and pumping station along with the phased expansion of the distribution system.

The majority of the water currently used for irrigation on Pensacola Beach is provided through the ECUA’s potable water system.

Construction of the proposed tank and pumping station will allow the ECUA to take advantage of a $425,000 grant from the Northwest Florida Water Management District, specifically awarded for this purpose, and enhancing the utility’s water conservation measures.

In February, ECUA answered questions about the reclaimed water program as part of the public comment period for the renewal of the five-year permit the utility has from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to operate the wastewater treatment plant at the beach.