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EntreCon Mega Photo Gallery

  • An Austin suburb may offer an example of a food-truck compromise that upstarts, established businesses can live with — something Pensacola struggles with.

  • The crowd at EntreCon 2015 in Pensacola. Credit: Bruce Graner.

  • EntreCon 2015. Photo credit: Bruce Graner.

  • Experts say 2016 could be the year of the entrepreneur. EntreCon 2016 can help you get ready. Bruce Graner/Studer Community Institute

  • The crowd at EntreCon 2015. Photo credit: Bruce Graner

  • The historic Rex Theater hosted EntreCon on Nov. 5-6, a two-day entrepreneurship convention hosted by the Studer Community Institute and the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship. Photo credit: Bruce Graner.

EntreCon is over, but the spirit of the two-day entrepreneurship conference is still in the air in Pensacola.

To help you stay tapped into it, check out these photos of the first day of the conference, hosted Nov. 5-6 at the historic Rex Theater by the Studer Community Institute and the University of West Florida’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Have a look ad be inspired all over again.