In praise of the wolves of EntreCon

The historic Rex Theater hosted EntreCon on Nov. 5-6, a two-day entrepreneurship convention hosted by the Studer Community Institute and the UWF Center for Entrepreneurship. Photo credit: Bruce Graner.

The PNJ’s Andy Marlette has a column that talks about downtown Pensacola’s revitalization and the importance of events like EntreCon, a two-day conference that featured local and national entrepreneurs sharing their startup secrets.

I like this quote from Andy’s column:

“In less than a decade, this place has transformed. That’s because ideas work just like the wolves. You set a few loose, let them run wild and pretty soon, they radically change the place in which they live.

“Businesses, jobs, investments, events and buildings pop up and a previously stagnant environment teems with new life. I think that’s sort of the premise — and promise — of the recent success of EntreCon, the latest Studer-fueled vegetation to take root in downtown soil.”

Entrepreneurs, like ideas, also share those wolf-like qualities. Hopefully, EntreCon turned loose a few more entrepreneurs on the area and the radical change we’re seeing downtown is just a beginning.

Here’s a link to Andy’s column.