Training & Development

Harnessing The Power of Exemplary Customer Service Every Customer, Every Time

Join  Pensacola State College and Studer Community Institute for a full day workshop on January 25, with Founder and faculty member Quint Studer and Donna Kirby, Vice President, Operations for Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Winning customers and keeping them happy is difficult. That means everyone needs to be engaged in building the organization’s brand, and it needs to happen with every customer, every time. Ultimately, the way customers are treated will make or break an organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding how the culture and values of your organization drive excellent customer service
  • Learn how to identify and hire service-oriented staff
  • Learn a set of specific tools and processes that will help you build great service into your company culture
  • Earning repeat business and referrals
  • Understand the concepts of great service recovery to diffuse difficult situations and recover fast

And so much MORE!

Breakfast and Lunch is included in the cost for the session. Register here now.