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Book Launch: Vibrant Communities don’t just happen; they’re built.

Every community wants to become a great place to live and work. The why is no mystery: We want to create a place our children and grandchildren will want to be. We also know the what: We need to attract investments, provide good jobs, and create lively downtowns where citizens will want to work, live, shop, and play. What’s usually missing is the how.

In his new book, Building a Vibrant Community, Quint Studer addresses all three aspects, but mainly focuses on the last one. How can your community get from where it is now to where it wants to be?

On Thursday, February 15, Quint will present the findings of the book and answer questions. Everyone will receive a free, signed copy of the book. Donations to support SCI are welcomed.

The book is a blueprint for building a vibrant community. Stories from Pensacola are woven throughout, so you may see some familiar names.

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