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Joe Vinson Digital Director


“Résumégate” may only exacerbate city’s communication problems

One repercussion of Tamara Fountain's departure from Pensacola City Hall could be a "doubling down" on carefully crafted communication from the mayor's office — a move that will hurt citizens most of all. Read full story

We are the robots

Video: IHMC’s Running Man runs the DARPA gauntlet

Here’s a time-lapse video of the Team IHMC Robotics “Running Man” Atlas robot on day 1 of the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals. Read full story


5 things you may not know about Pensacola’s war memorials

This Memorial Day, find out the stories behind some of the war memorials in Pensacola. Read full story


Getting serious about Pensacola film production

Councilman’s proposal revives conversation about dedicated film commission

Debate sparked by a proposal for a Pensacola film commissioner shows a gap in the market that could be an economic driver luring film and television productions to the Pensacola area. Read full story


Gallery: Pensacola marks Gálvez Day with reenactment, Spanish guests

On May 8, 1781, the siege of Pensacola by Spanish General Bernardo de Gálvez came to an abrupt end when a stray mortar found its way into the powder magazine of Fort George, forcing the British to surrender the city. Read full story


Foo Foo Fest committee scores 2015 grant applications

Members of the Arts, Culture and Entertainment met Tuesday morning to review and score grant applications for the 2015 Foo Foo Festival. Read full story


Harper: Teacher quality is crucial to education

The Studer Community Institute’s Rick Harper looks into the relationship between teacher quality and student outcomes and some interesting research by educational economist Eric Hanushek. Read full story


Justin Gatlin defeats Usain Bolt (in computer projection)

According to a “virtual medal projection” by Infostrada, Pensacola’s Justin Gatlin would defeat Usain Bolt in the 100-meter dash if the 2016 Rio Olympics were held today. Read full story


A community ‘PACT’ to preserve, share historic black cemeteries

It started as an effort to keep the grass cut. Read full story


‘The day that Alice Cooper came to church’

If you were in the congregation of First Baptist Church of Pensacola a few weeks ago — and if you inhabit the presumably small Venn diagram overlap area of “Southern Baptist” and “heavy metal connoisseur” — you may have noticed a certain guest sitting in the pews: the Godfather of Shock Rock himself, Alice Cooper. Read full story

The Asylum

Is Pensacola the epicenter of a new ‘Sharknado’?

The Asylum, makers of the popular, deliberately cheesy "Sharknado" movies, has been filming in several Pensacola area locations recently, but which shark-related franchise is it? Read full story

Barrancas National Cemetery

Headstone realignment in process at Barrancas National Cemetery

Recent visitors to Barrancas National Cemetery might have noticed a lot of construction equipment and displaced headstones. That’s because the cemetery is in the middle of what’s called a “raise and realignment” process. Read full story