Randy Hammer

Randy Hammer President Emeritus

Studer Community Institute

EntreCon 2016: Where local entrepreneurs and business professionals to come together

Quint Studer came up with the idea for EntreCon last year as a way for local entrepreneurs and business professionals to come together, network and learn from each other. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Grover Robinson talks about impact IHMC has had on our community

“You’ve brought us some great people from all over the world,” said County Commission Chairman Grover Robinson in thanking IHMC co-founder Ken Ford for the impact his non-profit research center has had on the community. Read full story

Training & Development

EntreCon 2016: How Ken Ford charted the course for IHMC

The man who built IHMC from a cubby on UWF's campus into an $8 million facility that's home to cutting edge robotics, intelligence research did it a step at a time. Read full story


Building on a bedtime story

Reading Pals are helping to fill the gaps for Pensacola children who miss out on the benefits nightly story time can have on their physical, academic development. Read full story


How parent talk can change the world

I must admit I drank the Kool-Aid these people offered me. Dana Suskind and her staff at the Thirty Million Words Initiative are onto something. Read full story


Culling lessons from Chicago in early learning

How do we create a community where every baby, every child, from every home has the chance to fulfill his or her potential? This won’t be easy. It could be impossible. But we have to do it. Read full story


How SCI is committing to early learning

Where is the Studer Community Institute staff headed next to find bright spots in the effort to boost early education? Read full story


Tuning into parents to tune into children

Giving parents the tools to help their children is the key to moving Pensacola's future — and her children — forward. Read full story


‘Move to Pensacola, where we tune into kids’

Could the City of Five Flags become the City that Celebrates Children? Read full story


The struggles that Head Start faces in Escambia County

More than 3,500 children in Escambia County qualify for Head Start, a federally funded program that serves children from birth to age 5. Read full story


Poverty’s no excuse, but it does matter

The real lesson of FCAT is this: Too many children from poverty-stricken areas show up for their first day of school two and three years behind students who live in more affluent districts. Read full story


Traits that highly creative people share

New research shows that an openness to experience is a better indicator of creativity than I.Q. or any other personality trait. Read full story