Shannon Nickinson

Shannon Nickinson Project Manager


Early Grade Success group recommends coordinated early assessment

Study group says five-year, $58.8 million plan would give teachers, parents useful data and improve accountability

A committee that looked at ways to improve how Florida prepares and tracks the readiness of its youngest students had some suggestions on how to do that. Read full story


IMPACT 100 among first architects of the Early Learning City

Our IMPACT grant put Brain Bags into the hands of some 3,838 new parents last year. Nurses at three hospitals have used those bags to teach patients that talking with a newborn is as important changing diapers and healthy feeding. Read full story


Community School at Weis shows need, power of early investment

Turning the tide for our community requires investment from every corner of our community — as the folks at Weis Community School know well. Read full story


Choosing a childcare center

One of the resources that we've received the most feedback about is a guide for choosing a childcare center. We are so happy to share this resource from the Florida Office of Early Learning in the Brain Bag. Read full story


16 Gestures by 16 Months can help parents track progress

The First Words Project at Florida State University has developed these guidelines to help parents track the language development skills of their infants and toddlers. Read full story


Escambia Grow With Me project lauded

The Office of Early Learning, which is part of the Florida Department of Education, published its annual report and included Escambia's project called Grow With Me. Read full story


CivicCon series starts 2018 with Bob Graham

Bob Graham, Tom Murphy, Ed McMahon will lead off the CivicCon speakers' list for 2018. Read full story


University of Chicago research launches in Pensacola

In 2017, the University of Chicago began using Pensacola as part of the research pool for a new-parent education tool they are developing. Read full story


New kindergarten readiness rates to come in 2018

After a break of three years, the state will report in 2018 on the results of kindergarten readiness assessments given to children who started school in August of 2017. Read full story


What’s in a name? For early brain growth, a lot it turns out

University of Florida researchers find books that give characters specific names may help boost brain activity in 6-12-month olds

Are some books better choices than others, especially for children under age 12 to 18 months? Maybe yes, says one study. Read full story


LENA Start Graduation at Child Discovery Center

LENA Start classes help parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers from 0 to 30 months close the “talk gap.” Read full story


Company brings free medical, dental, vision clinic to Pensacola

A company that offers free dental, vision and medical services expects to serve 1,000 people during a Pensacola event in early December. Read full story