The economy plays a significant role in the quality of life in a community. Our community’s wages, employment rate and affordable housing all impact the way we live and the future of our community. Poverty, cost of housing, unemployment and low wage are all areas we need to improve.

People employed in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties make an average of $8,000 less than the typical American worker.

32 percent of the local workforce earns $32,000 a year or less.

The number of jobs in manufacturing fell by 56 percent in Pensacola over the 1969-2014 period, while it fell by 36 percent nationwide.

The number of jobs in federal civilian and military employment fell by 23 percent in Pensacola over that period, while it fell by 20 percent nationally.

Because jobs in other sectors of the economy generally have grown over time, manufacturing and federal job performance look even weaker when measured as a share of the overall economy.

By 2014, those shares had declined to 11.5 percent of employment and 25.5 percent of total wages.

Today, the number of unemployed in the Escambia-Santa Rosa area has plummeted to 9,576, with the jobless rate in Escambia at 5.3 percent, and 4.4 percent in Santa Rosa.

In order for Pensacola to reach “full employment” our unemployment rate needs to be in the 3 percent or below range.

Low wages and shortage of available housing for rent or sale impacts that available affordable housing. Wages need to be raised.


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