Goal Setting and Designing an Effective Leadership Evaluation System Recap

Goal Setting and Designing an Effective Leadership Evaluation System Recap

Thursday, February 4, 2016

If you are the boss, you need to know some things:

That’s why, Quint Studer said, he believes so deeply that building small businesses and organizations matters beyond the bottom line.

“I feel strongly, if we create better places to work, we impact the community,” Quint Studer said.

That’s why giving small businesses and organizations the tools to be great places to work is part of the mission of citizen-powered change that the Studer Community Institute supports.

To that end, Studer kicked off the second part of a goal-setting workshop at New World Landing in downtown Pensacola.

In this session, attendees learned that when businesses help employees establish specific goals, people gain focus and become more productive. More important, they produce better results.

Kelly Dickey, an accountability specialist at the Studer Group

Kelly Dickey, an accountability specialist at the Studer Group, led the workshop.

More than 100 people attended the training. Here are three key points Dickey said she hoped people took away from the workshop:

“I wanted to make sure everyone understood that refining their focus is critical for an employee and company’s long-term success.”

“It’s also important to have objective measures because that helps us to know whether we’re being successful or not. It takes away the ‘I think’ and the ‘I hope’ I’m doing a good job into ‘I know’ and ‘I’m confident’ I’m doing a good job, which then helps us become more purposeful and mission-focused.”

“The other piece of this is understanding the weighted values of goals and being able to truly prioritize our plates in order to make the right decisions about what to focus on.”

An exercise that resonated from the morning session saw attendees match their to-do list to the goals for their organizations.

“Do all of your to-dos connect to a goal and if they don’t do you still have to do it?” Dickey said.

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As managers, giving some of those things to your employees can help them build a stake in the company’s goal.

“Delegation is part of leadership,” Dickey says.

But those employees also need to guard against having “someone else’s fire becomes something that you took once and now keeps coming to you.”

Tying those moments to the overall goal of a business is critical.

“If you get into the habit of doing this, you are prioritizing the to-dos on your plate,” Dickey said.