Speaker Training – Tactical and Practical Techniques to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Speaker Training – Tactical and Practical Techniques to Improve Your Speaking Skills

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Join Studer Community Institute for Speaker Training – Tactical and Practical Techniques to Improve Your Speaking Skills

Friday, March 24, 2017

85% of your success in the next five years will result from your ability to speak and communicate your ideas, according to a Carnegie Institute of Technology study.  It’s not your degree, your title, the people you know, but your ability to present ideas and engage an audience.  Speaking skills are business skills,  and these skills are vital whether you:

Daniel Pennington’s Speaker Training Workshop delivers tactical and practical techniques you can use right now to improve your speaking skills in a short amount of time.

Top Five Things You’ll Learn in the workshop

  1. How to start strong and eliminate weasel words
  2. How to connect with your audience emotionally
  3. Tell stories to make your presentation memorable
  4. Use body language to communicate your message
  5. End your presentation on the strongest possible note

Studer Community Institute faculty member Daniel Pennington has worked in television for over 35 years and has coached thousands in crafting and delivering compelling messages.  His experience in video production, advertising, and speaker coaching has enabled him to bring together a host of techniques in one powerful speaker training session.

Featured Speaker – Daniel Pennington, Founder and President of speaker-training.org

Daniel spent 35 years in television creating commercials and television programs. Primarily he worked with small and medium sized businesses who needed help on how to tell their story.

At TV stations in Virginia and Tennessee Daniel worked with the News and Sales departments to write, produce, direct and edit programs. Along the way, he and his team won a few dozen advertising awards and became a finalist for a regional Emmy award.
When the chance came to work and live on the beautiful sugar-white sands of the Emerald Coast, Daniel jumped at it. Working with the team at WEAR-TV produced long-form promotional programs. Always eager to be a part of the community, Daniel created videos for the Pace awards and met Quint Studer. “At that point,” Daniel said, “I knew I had to figure out a way to work with Quint on a daily basis.” The chance came a year later when he was recruited to produce a library of training videos or Studer Group.

Along the way, Daniel began training staff on public speaking skills. He went on to work with community leaders and nonprofit directors one crafting their messages.
Since then Daniel has trained hundreds of people on how to connect and engage an audience. His training has become some of the most popular programs we produce at Studer Institute.