Bill Reynolds


Reynolds cleared of records violation

"If the logo isn't new, acquit must you." Read full story


The $1.4 million library miscalculation

A new WFPL interlocal agreement has been finalized, but it doesn't address a shortfall in the MSTU-funded library budget. How did this happen? Read full story


Reynolds fired for leak

Statement from the mayor: "Mr. Reynolds’s actions violated this sacred responsibility. This is unacceptable to me." Read full story


City cited for Sunshine shenanigans

City officials Bill Reynolds and Derek Cosson are accused of stonewalling records requests and leaking a discrimination complaint related to John Asmar, Mayor Hayward's former chief of staff. Read full story


Watch Tuesday's action-packed council meeting

Got four hours? The video from Tuesday's heated Committee of the Whole meeting (including the Gallery Night discussion) is now online. Read full story


Big changes ahead for library system

The library system may get a dedicated funding source — one that taxes city and county residents equally — but it will leave city control as a result. Read full story


A few notes about the library feud

The county is threatening (again) to cut funding to the library system, this time because of a perceived inequity between city and county branches. Is it "extortion"? Read full story


Hayward vetoes budget amendment

Mayor Hayward has vetoed a $220,000 line item of the amended budget, originally intended for the city's marketing campaign. But where does that money go now? Read full story


Audit committee rejects selection protest

The city's audit committee confirmed its choice of Warren Averett O'Sullivan Creel, rejecting a protest about the ranking process by Saltmarsh Cleaveland & Gund. Read full story


High bid wins surplus auction contract

In an auction, the highest bid wins. In competitive bidding, it's usually the other way around — which is why Gina Boyleston is upset. Read full story


Much ado about auditing

At Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting, the Pensacola City Council wrested back control over the selection process for the city’s independent auditor. Read full story


County pulling support for libraries?

County Administrator Randy Oliver has notified the City of Pensacola that it may withdraw its funding of the library system. Read full story