Dana Suskind


LENA Start aims to close the word gap among children

LENA Start's primary focus is helping parents build stronger conversational habits that will have an impact on babies by providing parents with a powerful resource to help keep talk top of mind. Read full story


SCI partners with University of Chicago in early learning project

Studer Community Institute and the University of Chicago announced a partnership this week to bring an early learning research project to Pensacola. Read full story


Pensacola Lighthouse is shining a light on early education

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum has plans to make the visit for younger children of family and tourists a more engaging experience by focusing on and enhancing early education. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI TV Show: Improving early education one step at a time

Two area groups are take important steps in the long journey to make Pensacola America's First Early Learning City. Read full story


Baby talk boosts early childhood learning

This community is on the right track to developing our youth for lifelong chances of success. Investing in early learning is a true investment for our city’s future. Read full story


How parent talk can change the world

I must admit I drank the Kool-Aid these people offered me. Dana Suskind and her staff at the Thirty Million Words Initiative are onto something. Read full story


Culling lessons from Chicago in early learning

How do we create a community where every baby, every child, from every home has the chance to fulfill his or her potential? This won’t be easy. It could be impossible. But we have to do it. Read full story


How SCI is committing to early learning

Where is the Studer Community Institute staff headed next to find bright spots in the effort to boost early education? Read full story


Building readiness among infants now

The relationships with the important people in a baby’s life can literally shape and form the intricate structure of an infant’s brain. Read full story


Tuning into parents to tune into children

Giving parents the tools to help their children is the key to moving Pensacola's future — and her children — forward. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Suskind brings her mission, message to Pensacola

Dr. Dana Suskind's visit to Pensacola will help build a burning platform on early education. But the heavy lifting is all ours to bear. Read full story


Dr. Dana Suskind’s journey to advocate

MARCH 30: Dr. Dana Suskind, founder of the Thirty Million Words Initiative and one of the nation's experts on brain development and early learning, is coming to Pensacola. Read full story