Early education


Early Grade Success group recommends coordinated early assessment

Study group says five-year, $58.8 million plan would give teachers, parents useful data and improve accountability

A committee that looked at ways to improve how Florida prepares and tracks the readiness of its youngest students had some suggestions on how to do that. Read full story


SCI parent magazine is “Building Blocks” for a better community

The 52-page publication provides valuable tips, useful guides and innovative ideas to engage and involve parents in their young children’s lives. Read full story


Spreading the word to parents that words matter

If we ever want to reduce the number of children not ready for kindergarten, we have to start at the beginning … in the home with the parents. Read full story


Choosing a childcare center

One of the resources that we've received the most feedback about is a guide for choosing a childcare center. We are so happy to share this resource from the Florida Office of Early Learning in the Brain Bag. Read full story


16 Gestures by 16 Months can help parents track progress

The First Words Project at Florida State University has developed these guidelines to help parents track the language development skills of their infants and toddlers. Read full story


Escambia Grow With Me project lauded

The Office of Early Learning, which is part of the Florida Department of Education, published its annual report and included Escambia's project called Grow With Me. Read full story


New kindergarten readiness rates to come in 2018

After a break of three years, the state will report in 2018 on the results of kindergarten readiness assessments given to children who started school in August of 2017. Read full story


United Way Education Summit helped bridge gaps

Studer Community Institute was among 19 nonprofits that shared insights and resources with 46 school district employees representing 26 schools at the United Way of Escambia County's Education Summit. Read full story


Nurses say Brain Bags a good tool for parent education

The nursing staff at West Florida Hospital says the Brain Bags are a valuable tool that helps them have teachable moments with their moms. Read full story


LENA Start groups showing progress in boosting parent talk

Studer Community Institute is halfway through its LENA Start project and we can share some preliminary data about our results. Read full story


IP Foundation to award SCI early learning grant

The International Paper Foundation offers grants to nonprofits in communities where it has a facility in support of three Signature Causes — children’s education, disaster relief and health and wellness. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

Songs and rhymes improve brain development

Encouraging children to sing along and take parts of songs or rhyme are key to building conversational turns. Read full story