Training & Development

Book Launch: Vibrant Communities don’t just happen; they’re built.

Every community wants to become a great place to live and work. The why is no mystery: We want to create a place our children and grandchildren will want to be. We also know the what: We need to attract investments, provide good jobs, and create lively downtowns where citizens will want to work, live, shop, and play. What’s usually missing is the how. Read full story


Community School at Weis shows need, power of early investment

Turning the tide for our community requires investment from every corner of our community — as the folks at Weis Community School know well. Read full story


16 Gestures by 16 Months can help parents track progress

The First Words Project at Florida State University has developed these guidelines to help parents track the language development skills of their infants and toddlers. Read full story


New kindergarten readiness rates to come in 2018

After a break of three years, the state will report in 2018 on the results of kindergarten readiness assessments given to children who started school in August of 2017. Read full story


What’s in a name? For early brain growth, a lot it turns out

University of Florida researchers find books that give characters specific names may help boost brain activity in 6-12-month olds

Are some books better choices than others, especially for children under age 12 to 18 months? Maybe yes, says one study. Read full story


United Way Education Summit helped bridge gaps

Studer Community Institute was among 19 nonprofits that shared insights and resources with 46 school district employees representing 26 schools at the United Way of Escambia County's Education Summit. Read full story


Early Learning Coalition among IMPACT 2017 winners

The Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County will support project called Grow With Me, which will utilize the Nemours BrightStart! toolkit for infant/toddler and preschool classrooms. Read full story


IP Foundation to award SCI early learning grant

The International Paper Foundation offers grants to nonprofits in communities where it has a facility in support of three Signature Causes — children’s education, disaster relief and health and wellness. Read full story


School is almost here — Is your child ready?

We created this graphic with the help of kindergarten teachers in our community to help parents know if their kindergartner is ready for school. We hope you use it as part of your back to school routine. Read full story


New kindergarten readiness rate to come

Florida Department of Education has chosen a new kindergarten readiness screener, which will be used beginning this school year. Read full story


Another story in the 2017 FSA scores

Data shows how children from 2013-2014 fared on state test in third grade

These third-graders were kindergartners in the 2013-2014 school year. That's the last school year that the state released the results of the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS). Read full story


Operation Backpack starting up

City of Pensacola Parks Department hosting school supply drive June 1-Aug. 4

Schools out for summer, but the City of Pensacola Parks & Recreation Department already has next school year on the brain. Read full story