EntreCon 2015


What investors look for in a startup

What makes a business attractive to investors? Inc.com shares some thoughts about what smart investors look for when considering an investment. Read full story


Why 2016 is the year of the entrepreneur

Experts say 2016 is shaping up to be the year of the entrepreneur. Find out why and preregister for EntreCon Pensacola 2016 to start your journey. Read full story


EntreCon 2016 set for Nov. 3-4

To date, nearly 1,200 people have attended the Institute’s training, which has ranged from strategic planning to customer service to EntreCon. Read full story


If Asheville can do it, why can’t we?

Pensacola is becoming the kind of place that someday will land on the list among the best cities to start and grow a business. Read full story


In praise of the wolves of EntreCon

Entrepreneurs inspired by EntreCon have been turned loose on the Pensacola metro area. May their success take root and flourish. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

EntreCon Mega Photo Gallery

EntreCon is over, but the spirit of the two-day entrepreneurship conference is still in the air in Pensacola. Read full story


Gallery: EntreCon Day 2

Relive the speakers and inspirational moments from the inaugural EntreCon entrepreneurs conference in downtown Pensacola Nov. 5-6. Read full story


EntreCon: Let’s keep fanning the flames

It’s Monday morning and I still can’t shake the feeling that something very special happened in downtown Pensacola last week. Read full story


EntreCon’s lessons learned, advice shared

EntreCon's two-day run in Pensacola closed out with big names and rising local stars all sharing same advice: Follow your goals, work hard, don't quit. Read full story


For attendees, EntreCon offers chance to learn from others

What did Tia Robbins and some 200 others learn at EntreCon, an entrepreneurship development seminar in Pensacola? Read full story


EntreCon: Entrepreneurship is the American Dream

With nearly 20 years in traditional marketing and more than a decade in interactive and marketing, Tim McHale made his mark on Madison Avenue. Read full story


EntreCon Day 2: Never stop networking

The advice from the stage on EntreCon's second day: Trust your instincts, surround yourself with good people and never stop networking. Read full story