Florida State University


16 Gestures by 16 Months can help parents track progress

The First Words Project at Florida State University has developed these guidelines to help parents track the language development skills of their infants and toddlers. Read full story


Brain Bags boost Arc, Early Childhood Court programs

The SCI Brain Bag is being used throughout the community in many ways to help parents understand the power of talk and interaction to build a baby's brain. Read full story


Can a teacher get a hand?

As research emerges supporting coaching as professional development for early education teachers, the Pensacola metro area is one of the sites where research on the topic is under way. Read full story


FSU research looks at boosting early reading

This year the goal is to see how much training teachers need to implement successful strategies

Researchers at Florida State University have spent six years studying how young children learn to recognize letters, read words and then put them in context to learn to read. It is research that has included children — and teachers — in the Pensacola metro area. Read full story


Boys Choir prepares young men for adulthood

The Boys Choir of Tallahassee brings the joy of songs to Pensacola

For two decades, The Boys Choir of Tallahassee has been preparing young men for adulthood through songs, study and self-improvement. Read full story


Campus gun bill is headed toward showdown on House floor

New bill would allow people on campuses of Florida colleges and universities to carry guns. Read full story


Study: Breaking up engineering school could cost $1 billion

A study shows that breaking up the engineering school shared by Florida State and Florida A&M universities could cost $1 billion. Read full story


FSU shooting victim paralyzed, vows to graduate

The student paralyzed in shooting at Florida State University vows realize his dream of becoming a biomedical engineer, his sister told reporters. Read full story


FSU gunman was an alum in a ‘state of crisis’

Florida State University shooter was an alum in a state of personal crisis, police say. Read full story


Three wounded, shooter killed at FSU library

Three people were wounded when a lone gunman opened fire in the Strozier Library on Florida State University's campus. Police shot and killed the suspect. Read full story


Local children help researchers learn how readers are built

FSU study includes Pensacola area preschoolers in study of how young children become strong readers.

FSU research program includes Pensacola metro area preschoolers in study of how young children grow to be strong readers. Read full story