Larry Johnson

Shannon's Window

Shannon’s Window: Why Hawkshaw will stay empty

With the CRA's decision to scrap proposals for the Hawkshaw property, Pensacola risks another round of waiting for the next best thing — and losing out. Read full story


Senior living center project will go on without tax break

$16 million project will go on despite Property Appraiser Chris Jones' rejection of request for a 10-year property tax exemption

A $16 million senior living project will go on despite Property Appraiser Chris Jones' rejection of request for a 10-year property tax exemption. Read full story


Andy Terhaar elected Pensacola City Council president

Larry Johnson elected vice president as council shuffled leadership positions following the November election

The Pensacola City Council shuffled the leadership deck this morning. Read full story


Council sets Maritime Park vision: YMCA yes, Hooters no

At Monday's Committee of the Whole meeting, the Pensacola City Council voted 6-2 to approve — in concept, at least — a proposal to build a new YMCA facility at the Community Maritime Park. Read full story


Mayor to hold town hall meeting at Bayview

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward will continue his popular Taking City Hall to the Citizens series of town-hall meetings with a meeting in District 4 on Monday, November 26. Read full story


Watch Tuesday's action-packed council meeting

Got four hours? The video from Tuesday's heated Committee of the Whole meeting (including the Gallery Night discussion) is now online. Read full story


Big changes ahead for library system

The library system may get a dedicated funding source — one that taxes city and county residents equally — but it will leave city control as a result. Read full story


Soul Bowl at Bayfront Stadium a "win-win" for community

Last Saturday's Soul Bowl, the first non-baseball sporting event to be held at the Bayfront Stadium, welcomed the Jay Royals to the Tigers' and Rattlers' little league football rivalry. Read full story


Hayward vetoes budget amendment

Mayor Hayward has vetoed a $220,000 line item of the amended budget, originally intended for the city's marketing campaign. But where does that money go now? Read full story


A farewell to at-large?

Councilman Larry Johnson is expected to propose a voter referendum to reduce the city council to seven members. UPDATE: No he won't. Read full story


Police declare "no confidence" in Asmar

The city dismissed the vote as a bargaining ploy, but Asmar has been a lightning rod of criticism even among the mayor's allies on council. Read full story


City's reorganization in spotlight as key staff members depart

The City of Pensacola has recently seen turnover in key positions. Just don't call them (or their replacements) "department directors." Read full story