Pace Center for Girls


LENA Start aims to close the word gap among children

LENA Start's primary focus is helping parents build stronger conversational habits that will have an impact on babies by providing parents with a powerful resource to help keep talk top of mind. Read full story


Escambia County Council PTA vendor fair builds partnerships

When each person, every organization or agency does its part toward the common purpose of giving each child the best chance to be ready for kindergarten, the quality of life in the community improves for all of us. Read full story


A treasure hunt for moms for a good cause

Elebash's Jewelry Co. will hide some 50 boxes for moms and offer a special gift for Pace Center for Girls

Elebash's Jewelry Co will hide some 50, gold-wrapped gift boxes for moms throughout Pensacola and make a donation to the Pace Center for Girls for each box found. Read full story