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Building brains is Pensacola’s biggest construction project

As we embark on a new year, we want to expand Parent Outreach in other places to serve more parents and their children. Read full story


Onbikes Pensacola brings joy to kids with brand-new bikes for Christmas

This year hundreds of underprivileged children in Pensacola can share their own happy memories of receiving a bike, thanks to onbikes Pensacola’s generosity this holiday season. Read full story


Parents earn SCI certificate of excellence in outreach program

Whenever we receive a heartfelt appreciation from others for something we have done, it boosts our spirit, passion and purpose. Read full story


Building stronger brains one baby, one parent at a time

It’s never too early to start talking and reading to a baby as research shows that parents can have a positive impact on their child’s language and cognitive development in the first year. Read full story


Providing tools to build babies’ brains

Studer Community Institute is among agencies and organizations throughout Escambia County that offer services to assist young mothers and their children in their growth and development. Read full story


Parent involvement crucial to child’s success

A critical part of our mission to improve the quality of life everyone in Northwest Florida is getting more children ready for kindergarten. To help the children means helping their parents. Read full story


Words are food for a baby’s brain

The relationships with the important people in a baby’s life can literally shape and develop the intricate structure of an infant’s brain. Read full story


Providing parents tools to develop their babies’ brains

Reaching children in their earliest years can help ensure that they get the healthy and strong start they need to begin school ready to learn and grow. Read full story


Update: Building a community through partnerships

Reaching and teaching children in their earliest years can help ensure that they get the best start they need to begin school ready to learn, grow and thrive. Read full story

Studer Community Institute

SCI parent outreach: Building strong partnerships

The ultimate goal of this parent outreach initiative is to work with parents and caregivers to build strong and effective partnerships that can help children and families strive. Read full story