Sherri Myers

Shannon's Window

Shannon’s Window: Why Hawkshaw will stay empty

With the CRA's decision to scrap proposals for the Hawkshaw property, Pensacola risks another round of waiting for the next best thing — and losing out. Read full story


City seeks to curb panhandlers

The Pensacola City Council is seeking solutions to the growing problem of panhandling, and reviewing homeless expert's recommendations. Read full story

Incumbents win out

Hayward re-elected to second term, incumbents win day

Ashton Hayward easily wins second term as Pensacola mayor, other incumbents carry the day. Read full story


Myers, Tackett face off in District 2 City Council race

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers faces Dennis Tackett in a contest to decide who will hold the District 2 council seat. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon's Window: Moving Bruce Beach forward

Bruce Beach deserves its time in the sun. Read full story


City updates Pensacola 311 service

The new enhancements include a Pensacola 311 mobile app as well as a new, easy-to-use web interface at, both of which will allow citizens to track and receive notifications about the requests they submit. Read full story


Clarification in Myers lawsuit denied

Judge Scott Duncan said that he was constrained by the narrow scope of the original lawsuit, so his September 28 order stands as written. Read full story


Myers seeks clarification in ruling

Is the power to make inquiries granted to the city council, but not to individual council members? That's the question Councilwoman Myers would like to have answered. Read full story


Hayward wins one, loses one

The mayor showed up at a council meeting, and everyone was so glad they upheld his veto, and then a judge ruled that both sides won a lawsuit. Or something. Read full story


Whose line-item: defining the mayor's veto and purchasing powers

The city council will challenge Mayor Hayward's veto, but even if certain funds aren't reallocated to marketing, what's to stop them from being spent that way? Read full story


Ruling on council communication lawsuit expected this week

On Monday morning, in Circuit Court Judge Scott Duncan’s courtroom, Mayor Ashton Hayward and Councilwoman Sherri Myers squared off in a legal battle over separation of powers. Read full story


City auditor selected illegally, says Florida attorney general

According to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, the city's auditor selection process violated state law. Shouldn't someone have known better? Read full story