thirty million word initiative


LENA Start aims to close the word gap among children

LENA Start's primary focus is helping parents build stronger conversational habits that will have an impact on babies by providing parents with a powerful resource to help keep talk top of mind. Read full story


Building brains is Pensacola’s biggest construction project

As we embark on a new year, we want to expand Parent Outreach in other places to serve more parents and their children. Read full story


Expanding parent programs to help build babies’ brains

As we embark on a new year, SCI plans to expand Parent Outreach and LENA Start programs in more places to serve more parents and their children. Read full story


Building stronger brains one baby, one parent at a time

It’s never too early to start talking and reading to a baby as research shows that parents can have a positive impact on their child’s language and cognitive development in the first year. Read full story


Parent outreach program offers valuable lessons

Studer Community Institute is using and building on the important principles of the Thirty Million Words Initiative in its parent outreach programs in Pensacola. Read full story


Parent involvement crucial to child’s success

A critical part of our mission to improve the quality of life everyone in Northwest Florida is getting more children ready for kindergarten. To help the children means helping their parents. Read full story


Building babies’ brains through home visits

Providing professionals who make home visits the tools and skills to assist at-risk parents is another important step in helping young children reach developmental milestones. Read full story


Providing parents tools to develop their babies’ brains

Reaching children in their earliest years can help ensure that they get the healthy and strong start they need to begin school ready to learn and grow. Read full story


Pensacola Lighthouse is shining a light on early education

The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum has plans to make the visit for younger children of family and tourists a more engaging experience by focusing on and enhancing early education. Read full story


Baby talk boosts early childhood learning

This community is on the right track to developing our youth for lifelong chances of success. Investing in early learning is a true investment for our city’s future. Read full story


SCI invites ‘Thirty Million Words’ author Dana Suskind to Pensacola

Renowned pediatric surgeon and author Dr. Dana Suskind is coming to Pensacola to share her research on improving kindergarten readiness by helping young brains grow through language. Read full story


Small talk makes a big difference in a child’s early development

Dr. Dana Suskind shows how parents can put into practice the core strategies of the Thirty Million Words Initiative to bridge the achievement gap between less affluent children and their more affluent peers. Read full story