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Communication is vital to professional and business success

Communication is the heart of every organization. Time and time again good communication is linked to professional and business success. Read full story

Training & Development

Leadership development is a good investment

A key part of workforce development must be providing people who have been placed in a supervisory role the development they need to succeed. Read full story

Training & Development

Quint column: Give soft skills the respect they deserve

“Soft skills” are not “easy” or “less important.” Getting them baked into your company's culture is vital to its success. Read full story


UWF gives 200,000 students tools to link school with career plans

UWF Innovation Institute and Florida Virtual Campus surpass milestone with more than 200,000 student accounts in MyCareerShines platform

UWF's Innovation Institute is home to state's career planning tool, which is helping students across the state make good choices in school, improve their chances for a good job. Read full story

Training & Development

Are you a leader or a manager?

What are the critical differences between leaders and managers, and why is it important for you as a leader in your business to understand each? Read full story

Shannon's Window

Shannon’s Window: Reality and ‘Ready, Set, Work’

Gov. Rick Scott's 'Ready, Set, Work' challenge sounds good, but the data shows that for the Pensacola area, a 100 percent state college graduation rate is a big goal. Read full story

Shannon's Window

Making math love Pensacola’s passion

Coder DoJo classes and technology career expos may be small steps, but they are crucial to the Pensacola area's economic and educational development. Read full story

Workforce Development

Leading the workforce development revolution

Pensacola's Community Economic Development Association will take a lead role in the issue

Pensacola's Community Economic Development Association will take a lead role in making sure workforce development matches industry needs. Read full story


Building Pensacola’s bedrock

Studer Institute training sessions aim to help smaller businesses prosper with purpose

There is a saying: If you don’t know where you are going, then all roads lead there. Read full story


Making education a top priority

Education is the driving force behind improving the quality of life in the Pensacola metro area. Read full story


UWF preparing students for growing job market

Two groups at the University of West Florida are teaming up to focus on regional workforce development. Read full story